Certbot user-supplied configuration.

class certbot.configuration.NamespaceConfig(namespace)[source]

Bases: object

Configuration wrapper around argparse.Namespace.

For more documentation, including available attributes, please see certbot.interfaces.IConfig. However, note that the following attributes are dynamically resolved using work_dir and relative paths defined in certbot.constants:

  • accounts_dir
  • csr_dir
  • in_progress_dir
  • key_dir
  • temp_checkpoint_dir

And the following paths are dynamically resolved using config_dir and relative paths defined in certbot.constants:

  • default_archive_dir
  • live_dir
  • renewal_configs_dir
Variables:namespace – Namespace typically produced by argparse.ArgumentParser.parse_args().

File path based on server.


Validate command line options and display error message if requirements are not met.

Parameters:config – IConfig instance holding user configuration