Source code for certbot.reporter

"""Collects and displays information to the user."""
from __future__ import print_function

import collections
import logging
import sys
import textwrap

from six.moves import queue  # type: ignore  # pylint: disable=import-error
import zope.interface

from certbot import interfaces
from certbot import util

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@zope.interface.implementer(interfaces.IReporter) class Reporter(object): """Collects and displays information to the user. :ivar `queue.PriorityQueue` messages: Messages to be displayed to the user. """ HIGH_PRIORITY = 0 """High priority constant. See `add_message`.""" MEDIUM_PRIORITY = 1 """Medium priority constant. See `add_message`.""" LOW_PRIORITY = 2 """Low priority constant. See `add_message`.""" _msg_type = collections.namedtuple('ReporterMsg', 'priority text on_crash') def __init__(self, config): self.messages = queue.PriorityQueue() self.config = config
[docs] def add_message(self, msg, priority, on_crash=True): """Adds msg to the list of messages to be printed. :param str msg: Message to be displayed to the user. :param int priority: One of `HIGH_PRIORITY`, `MEDIUM_PRIORITY`, or `LOW_PRIORITY`. :param bool on_crash: Whether or not the message should be printed if the program exits abnormally. """ assert self.HIGH_PRIORITY <= priority <= self.LOW_PRIORITY self.messages.put(self._msg_type(priority, msg, on_crash)) logger.debug("Reporting to user: %s", msg)
[docs] def print_messages(self): """Prints messages to the user and clears the message queue. If there is an unhandled exception, only messages for which ``on_crash`` is ``True`` are printed. """ bold_on = False if not self.messages.empty(): no_exception = sys.exc_info()[0] is None bold_on = sys.stdout.isatty() if not self.config.quiet: if bold_on: print(util.ANSI_SGR_BOLD) print('IMPORTANT NOTES:') first_wrapper = textwrap.TextWrapper( initial_indent=' - ', subsequent_indent=(' ' * 3), break_long_words=False, break_on_hyphens=False) next_wrapper = textwrap.TextWrapper( initial_indent=first_wrapper.subsequent_indent, subsequent_indent=first_wrapper.subsequent_indent, break_long_words=False, break_on_hyphens=False) while not self.messages.empty(): msg = self.messages.get() if self.config.quiet: # In --quiet mode, we only print high priority messages that # are flagged for crash cases if not (msg.priority == self.HIGH_PRIORITY and msg.on_crash): continue if no_exception or msg.on_crash: if bold_on and msg.priority > self.HIGH_PRIORITY: if not self.config.quiet: sys.stdout.write(util.ANSI_SGR_RESET) bold_on = False lines = msg.text.splitlines() print(first_wrapper.fill(lines[0])) if len(lines) > 1: print("\n".join( next_wrapper.fill(line) for line in lines[1:])) if bold_on and not self.config.quiet: sys.stdout.write(util.ANSI_SGR_RESET)